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Rely on Nutec

Working in tall offshore wind turbines at sea in all kinds of weather requires high safety. Therefore, all employees must have safety training, and it must be regularly repeated.

This is where RelyOnNutec comes into the picture. It is the world’s largest provider of safety training for the offshore industry. It is oil and gas workers, wind turbine technicians and sailors who must go through courses such as first aid, fire and sea rescue – as well as a large number of courses in relation to safety.

It is the large offshore wind farms in the Baltic Sea, the construction of the Fehmarn tunnel and the proximity to Copenhagen that led RelyOnNutec to open the branch in Vordingborg.

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“We chose Vordingborg because the geographical location is important. Right in the center of everything and close to the motorway”

Lars Frederiksen, sales manager RelyOnNutec.

Billede af chef for RelyOnNutec - Lars Frederiksen