Region Zealand
The gateway to Scandinavia

The aim of the region is to build bridges between regions and countries. The goal is to enhance international business relations, attract foreign investments and create an attractive green business Region

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Where is Region Zealand?

Region Zealand in located in the southern part of Denmark, It contains the islands of Zealand, Lolland and Falster with a total population of app. 850.000 inhabitants. Region Zealand consists of 17 municipalities; each will welcome you with its own local coleur.

The island of Zealand is home to Copenhagen – the Capital of Denmark

The Region links continental Europe, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries providing access to a market of 100 million consumers. It is a vibrant HUB for production, green energy, and logistics in Northern Europe

Strategic location

Region Zealand has a strategic position in Northern Europe. It is close to the major commercial cities of Copenhagen, Hamburg and Berlin. The geographical location gives companies that are looking for research capabilities and start-up collaboration an optimal access to universities and educational institutions in 3 countries.

From Southern Sweden you can reach Zealand via the Øresund Bridge. The bridge is open for cars, trucks and trains.

Ferries from Norway, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia will bring you directly to the region and the upcoming Fehmarn Belt Tunnel will reduce the travel time from Germany to Region Zealand to only 10 minutes.

Fehmarn Belt Tunnel

The Fehmarn Belt project is the largest infrastructure project in Northern Europe and the World`s longest immersed tunnel, The tunnel  – 18 km long – will connect Rødby in Denmark with Fehmarn in Germany and is an important part of the future European transport network. The travelling time between Denmark and Germany will be reduced with 1 hour compared to the ferry crossings.

The Fehmarn Belt tunnel will open in 2029, but will already now create a lot of business opportunities.

Modern infrastructure

The construction of the Fehmarn Belt tunnel opens for an extensive upgrading of the infrastructure throughout Region Zealand.  Railways will accommodate high-speed trains running from the Northern part of Scandinavia to continental Europe. Excellent highways are already there and massive investments in ports and harbor systems are underway to meet increasing commercial activities. Copenhagen Airport – rated as the biggest airport in Scandinavia – is located within a short distance from Region Zealand.

Easiness of doing business

The World Bank has ranked Denmark the easiest place to do business in Europe 10 consecutive years from 2012-2022. The public sector is known for its low level of bureaucracy and red tape as well as for easy interaction with public authorities. Companies in Region Zealand can easily engage in a variety of groups and associations, which serves as platforms to promote products and services and support local communities.

Denmark offers the most flexible hiring and firing legislation in Europe, providing ideal conditions for up-scaling and down-scaling. In Region Zealand you will find the right people for your business. The workforce is among the most loyal in Denmark meaning that you can look forward to a reliable workforce that will positively impact the growth of your business. The excellent infrastructure also means that it is easy to attract workforce from all over the Region.

Live greener

Region Zealand is home to some of the most innovative renewable energy sources. In fact 70 % of Denmark`s electricity consumption is based on sustainable energy. The region produces a large fraction of renewable energy for local and national consumption. Many of the local busses run on biogas and all municipalities have comprehensive recycling and waste collection

Work-life balance

The population of Region Zealand and the whole of Denmark are known for being happy and having a great standard of living. There are social structures in place that take care of your professional and personal life. High-quality childcare, education and healthcare are all paid by the state. Many people moving to Denmark, experience improved working conditions, more free time for personal development, and a relaxed peaceful place to raise their families. Region Zealand cares for you!

Femern A/S
Billede af et tog som kører under en viadukt.

Be part of a regional growth!

Until end of 2029 Region Zealand is embarking upon an ambitious project to connect Region Zealand with the German mainland via an impressive tunnel – The Fehmarn Tunnel. During the building process a lot of new knowledge and innovation will occur. A new knowledge and learning center has been established in Rødby. The idea with The Femern knowledge and learning center is to share any new green technologies that results from the process within the construction industry and use this knowledge for other big infrastructure projects both in Denmark and in Europe. It will create a lot of business opportunities for Danish and international companies.

Explore what the municipalties can offer you


Odsherred is located at the northern end of the region, from where there is a good connection via ferry crossings to other parts of the country such as Jutland and North Zealand.

  • 2 large international industrial companies are located in Odsherred. It concerns the cable manufacturer NKT A/S and the chemical manufacturer H. Lundbeck, that produces medical products in Odsherred.
  • FLUX, which develops electromagnets for telecommunications equipment for e.g. aircraft and spacecraft is also to be found in Odsherred.

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Solrød Municipality is characterized by a high level of activity within trade and service as well as the construction industries

  • The French group Saint-Gobain has established itself with a mortar plant in the municipality.
  • The wholesale company OJD Trading is selling metal parts and brake parts for industry.

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Business life in Greve is characterized by trade and service as well as transport and logistics.

  • The close location to Copenhagen has provided fertile ground for a large group of wholesale companies which, together with the transport industry, supply the capital.
  • LEMAN and Blue Water Shipping are among the largest within transport and logistics.
  • The Austrian water treatment company BWT has chosen to locate their Danish headquarters in Greve Municipality

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With its train station, airport and motorway, Roskilde is logistically well located in the region.

  • Several large international companies are located in Roskilde, including DLF Seeds, NUNC, Chr. Hansen etc.
  • Industry that both benefits from the proximity to Zealand University Hospital and the major educational and research institutions such as RUC, DTU/Risø and Aarhus University’s Department of Environmental Science
  • Other international industry such as Power Stow, Sonion and RIAS

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Lejre is situated with beautiful scenery and a short distance to the capital of Denmark.

  • Vestergaard Company A/S is one of the larger companys. Among other things the company produces de-icing and washing equipment for the airline industry. Furthermore- Unomedical A/S, which produces insulin pumps is in Lejre.

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Holbæk is characterized by strong companies within the transport-, the supply- and the plastics industries. With the motorway right at the “doorstep”, there is easy access to the entire region and further into Europe.

  • Strong local business community with, among others, the country’s largest supplier of energy Andel amba and a cluster of plastic companies with Ulfoss Plastic A/S as the largest.

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Kalundborg is the region’s number one industrial municipality.

  • The industry is dominated by Novo Nordisk and Novozymes
  • Several international biotech and process companies have chosen to establish their business in the area.
  • Kalundborg is a pioneering city when it comes to companies being able to utilize each other’s residual flows within energy and water.
  • Kalundborg harbour is one of Denmark’s most important harbours with water depth of 15 meter.

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In the middle of Zealand is Sorø Municipality with a long tradition of education and knowledge. Sorø Academy is located here and the central administration for the health care system in the entire region also has its head office here.

  • Central logistical location on Zealand
  • Business life consists of a number of larger companies with their headquarters in Sorø. Among others Kongskilde, and Hørkram
  • Large catchment area with a well-educated workforce

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Ringsted Municipality is centrally located, where several companies enjoy the proximity to Copenhagen and the good logistical options in all directions.

  • Several large companies that benefit from the logistics hub. Including Danish Crown and Dagrofa.
  • A number of both small and large construction companies, including one of Denmark’s largest construction companies, Enemærke and Petersen
  • Several international production companies including ACO, Plastmo and Schneider Electric.

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Køge is among the strongest business municipalities in Zealand. With a central logistical location including a motorway, a large commercial port and several local educational institutions, Køge has a unique position

  • Very central logistical location with both a commercial port and a number of large transport and logistics companies
  • Strong local business community including several international companies such as CP Celko, William Cook, Novo Nordisk, Codan Medical, Danalim and Jupiter Bach
  • Access to well-educated and qualified labor from all over Zealand and the Capital Region

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Business life and the labor market in Slagelse are characterized by many strong companies.

  • Large public sector around health
  • Several workplaces within the defense and military industry – including Slagelse Barracks and Korsør Naval Station
  • Several large food companies, e.g. Harboe Bryggeri, Bähncke and Arla
  • Strong local companies within the iron and machine industry, including Nilpeter, Frese and Westrup
  • Traffic hub with the bridge to Fyn and the western part of Denmark and the business port in Korsør

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Business life in Stevns Municipality is characterized by large scale farming where the large estates Vallø and Gjorslev are at the forefront.

  • The Swiss mining company Omya AG is responsible for the extraction of 200,000 tons of chalk annually, primarily consumed by the paper industry. Ingleby Farms & Forests, with headquarters in Vallø, owns and operates farms worldwide.

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Faxe Municipality has a long tradition of production having a number of large local companies.

  • Strong food manufacturers, including Haribo and Royal Unibrew
  • The company Faxe Kalk, including Faxe Kalkbrud and its own shipping port in Faxe Ladeplads
  • A number of both smaller and larger companies within construction
  • A large tourism municipality with many hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to among others the Forest Tower in Rønnede, Gisselfeld Monastery and Faxe Kalkbrud.

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Business life in Næstved is characterized by proud business traditions with an active local port and a strong focus on supporting the Green Transition

  • Several internationally owned companies, particularly within ventilation industry, including Novenco and Damcos
  • Ardagh Glass Holmegaard which is a large local production company
  • Many local initiatives regarding, in particular, ensuring the recycling of resources and including a large focus on sustainability and green transition
  • In addition, there are several larger local companies within construction

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The municipality of Lolland has a central location in relation to the future traffic infrastructure in the Fehmarn Belt Region.

  • Lolland is one of the areas in the world where the most green energy is produced compared to local consumption, which gives energy-consuming companies access to very large amounts of green energy.
  • Important production companies within manufacturing industries. Eg. Codan Medical, Asicomo and Ortofon, Chrispy Food, Rustfri DK, Nordic Sugar.
  • The cleantech industry is represented by production companies such as MHI Vestas, Nordic Air filtration and SEW North Filtration.
  • A growing energy cluster with several power2x plants, pyrolysis factory, several new biogas plants, biorefinery, etc.

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Vordingborg Municipality is centrally located at the transition between Zealand and Lolland Falster. Vordingborg Harbor is one of the largest commercial ports in the Region

  • Several large local companies, especially in relation to primary businesses, including Viking Malt and DLG
  • A number of local production companies including Bisca,
  • Two local investments in Power to X plants, which will be a game changer in relation to future energy supply
  • A strong tourism municipality, where the island of Møn in particular has many thousands of visitors every year
  • Vordingborg Harbour, which is one of the largest commercial ports in Zealand

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Guldborgsund municipality has a central location in relation to the future traffic infrastructure in the Fehmarn Belt Region. The two major traffic corridors E47 and E55, which connect Scandinavia with Northern Europe, meet precisely here.

  • A major focus on bio and medical innovation. The Center for Bioeconomy and the health incubator Athenahuset is located here
  • Strong production companies within the plastics manufacturing industry. Eg. Hardi, Melitek and Raaco
  • An attractive area for companies in the agro-industrial value chains. Has several major producers as well as processing companies such as Nordic Sugar and DLG.
  • Strong tourism sector with approx. 1,000,000 annual overnight stays.

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